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Help us to reach the next generation of youth and also help reach the homeless as we are daily working to make an impact in their lives.

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Meet Joe Hipp – Professional Boxer and Founder of  All Nations Foundation

Joe “The Boss” Hipp is a retired professional Native American heavyweight boxer. A member of the Blackfeet Tribe, he became the first Native American to challenge for a world heavyweight boxing championship on August 19, 1995 when he fought WBA champion Bruce Seldon at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. In May 2009, he was inducted into the American Indian Athletic Hall of Fame.

Since retirement, Joe has had a passion for the next generation of American Indian youth. His primary focus has been specifically toward bringing awareness to youth suicide. Joe has merged his passion for boxing and helping youth to incorporate motivational speaking, boxing, and keeping a positive outlook on life and the problems that many youth feel are overwhelming.

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Youth Boxing Puyallup

All Nations Foundation reaches the next generation of American Indians through youth boxing and teaching suicide prevention for the Puyallup, WA area and it’s surrounding communities.

We have a passion for Puyallup with using youth boxing to incorporate motivational speaking, boxing and keeping a positive outlook on life. We recognize the growing problems that the youth of Puyallup faces on a daily basis and we work with them through youth boxing to develop strong standards, goals and realize that people do care for them.

Our youth boxing programs for Puyallup has some of these main goals in our work, including:

  • Charity events
  • Youth counseling
  • Changing lives through youth boxing
  • Developing goals through youth boxing

Call All Nations Foundation now to help the Puyallup region with youth boxing and by making a difference today.

(206) 775-0193

Youth Boxers Puyallup

Our mission for the youth boxers of Puyallup is to empower them to face life’s challenges without cowardice, but with courage and dignity. Our program for youth boxers offers Puyallup a positive alternative to the negative influences that they face continually. Youth boxers maintain determination and focus as they work with their fellow youth boxers and coach.

Our founder, Joe Hipp, is a member of the Blackfeet Tribe and became the first Native American to challenge for a world heavyweight championship in 1995. He is a retired professional Native American heavyweight boxer who has a passion for the youth boxers of Puyallup.

Some of the benefits we see in our Puyallup youth boxers program includes:

  • Respect through youth boxing
  • Social development through youth boxing
  • Focus through youth boxing
  • Discipline through youth boxing
  • Confidence through youth boxing

To better the future of the youth boxers of Puyallup, call All Nations Foundation now.

(206) 775-0193

Youth Counseling Puyallup

Finding the right treatment for Puyallup youth can be a difficult task. Whether you are looking for a youth boxers program or youth counseling, we can help you. Our unique combination of youth counseling and youth boxing will help address a teenager’s psychological, physical and emotional needs.

At our location near Puyallup, we use youth counseling to train and teach the youth new methods of coping and dealing with their frustration, poor decision making and anger. We bring the youth of Puyallup emotional healing through our youth counseling by helping them regain confidence and mental endurance by training them as youth boxers.

We offer youth counseling near Puyallup with:

  • Youth boxing and coaching
  • Promote emotional healing
  • Provide social interactions
  • Help self image enhancement
  • Eliminate depression and anxiety

To learn more about our youth counseling program for the Puyallup region, call All Nations Foundation today.

(206) 775-0193

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