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Alexandria Cole was a proud member of the Quinault Tribe and a senior at Chief Leschi High School. In 2012, she was a 3.7 GPA honor student with a great attendance that made her eligible and accepted to be the Daffodil Princess. Her parents Christina Cole and Sterling Coit could not be more excited and filled with joy and they told everyone about Alexandria’s accomplishments and were so proud of all she had done to keep up her good work in and out of school.

On the morning of April 10, 2012, Alexandria had committed suicide just days before the big Daffodil Parade. Alexandria was really looking forward to being in the parade, so the suicide was a surprise to all who knew and loved her. She really loved her family, school, and being a princess brought her so much joy which made it so much harder to accept the fact that this was a reality. Alexandria is the granddaughter of Joe Hipp and All Nations Foundation came up with “Keeping the Dream Alive Scholarship” which is a yearly scholarship for the Chief Leschi Princess.


The Daffodil Princesses

Suicide Awareness Puyallup

All Nations Foundation is passionate about suicide awareness for the Puyallup, WA region. It is important for you, as a major influence in the lives of young people throughout Puyallup, to join us in the fight for suicide awareness and suicide prevention. Puyallup parents, students, educators and influencers can do this by education for suicide awareness and knowing the warnings signs associated with it.

We are passionate about suicide awareness for Puyallup youth because suicide is one of the leading causes of preventable death in our nation today. We believe suicide awareness is the key to suicide prevention. If you suspect a young person is in need of suicide help, get them to a professional immediately. Suicide is preventable.

As part of our suicide awareness we educate throughout Puyallup, some of the warning signs for suicide include:

  • Suicide threats
  • Depression
  • Anger and increased irritability
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Decrease in academic performance
  • Lack of interest

To learn more about promoting suicide awareness for Puyallup youth, call All Nations Foundation today.

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Suicide Help Puyallup

We believe that we can all do our part with suicide help in and around Puyallup, especially with our youth. We provide suicide help with support for youth in distress, suicide prevention and crisis resources. Depression and suicide affects people of all ages and populations, but Native American populations can be at a higher risk.

One service we offer the youth of Puyallup for suicide prevention and suicide help is through our youth boxing program. We teach our youth boxers a sense of belonging to one’s culture and finding an activity that they can enjoy, such as boxing.

We offer Puyallup and it’s surrounding communities with suicide help. Some of the ways that we offer suicide help are through our services for Puyallup, such as:

  • Youth counseling
  • Youth boxing
  • Suicide awareness
  • Suicide prevention

For suicide help throughout Puyallup, please call All Nations Foundation now.

(206) 775-0193

Suicide Prevention Puyallup

It is important to understand the issues concerning suicide and mental health in order to take part in suicide prevention. We believe that it is important to start the conversation about suicide prevention in order to provide support for the youth of Puyallup. We can provide Puyallup with suicide prevention and save lives by directing help to those who need it.

Support services, suicide awareness and reducing a means to harm has proven that we can prevent suicide. Some additional ways that you can help Puyallup youth with suicide prevention, is by doing the following with us:

  • Become a volunteer
  • Donate to suicide prevention
  • Get involved with suicide awareness
  • Help us reach the homeless

All Nations Foundation helps Puyallup with suicide prevention. Call us now to learn more about what we do and offer Puyallup.

(206) 775-0193

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